Water Filtration

Change The Way You Enjoy Clean, Drinkable Water

Purified Water at Your Fingertips

Take control of your water with our cutting-edge water filtration system, designed to provide you with clean, great-tasting water right from your tap. While municipal water is regulated, it can still contain contaminants. You’ll no longer have to rely on municipal water or take endless trips to the store for bulky bottled water,  as our Reverse Osmosis Filtration Systems provide an extra layer of protection. This ensures every drop of water you and your family consume is thoroughly filtered, giving you the confidence to enjoy quality water from your tap. 


Gain peace of mind and protect your loved ones with our advanced filtration technology, backed by decades of experience from our team.

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Our Exclusive Water Special

Rest easy knowing your family is drinking clean and safe water, free of harmful contaminants. Take advantage of our exclusive Reverse Osmosis Pump System Special featuring a state-of-the-art 5-Stage Filtration System and all the necessary amenities to upgrade your water quality today!

  • 5-Stage Filtration System 
  • Fully Assembled 
  • All Hardware Included 
  • 12 Litres Storage Tank 
  • Long Reach Chrome Faucet 

R4500 (including VAT)

*Exclusive to the Gauteng Area

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to enjoy clean, convenient water every day.

Our Installation Process

We pride ourselves on providing you with a water solution that suits your needs. View our installation process for our Reverse Osmosis Water Filtration System:

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Assessment and Planning

Our team of professionals will assess the location where the Reverse Osmosis System will be installed, considering factors such as available space, plumbing connections and ease of access. This will be discussed with you, and a suitable installation option will be selected.

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Once you are satisfied, we will begin the installation process. The installer will make the necessary connections needed to integrate the RO System into your plumbing system. The filters and membrane will then be installed, ensuring everything is secured.

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Final Checks

The installer will perform a final inspection, testing the system for any leaks and faults. Once everything is in working order and meets your satisfaction, our installer will provide you with instructions for operating and maintaining your system.

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Water Filtration FAQs

We’ve put together some frequently asked questions regarding our Reverse Osmosis System:

Why should you install a Reverse Osmosis Filtration System?

Quality Drinking Water: Reverse Osmosis can remove around 99% of contaminants, helping to improve the overall taste and quality of your drinking water. This extends to food, as you’ll notice that the purified water to cook and prepare drinks with is a lot tastier. 


Helps Save Money: You’ll never have to carry bulky bottled water from the car to your home again, allowing you to save money in the long run.


Helps The Environment: With purified water at your fingertips, you’re reducing the amount of bottled water you use, which ultimately helps you cut down on your plastic usage and energy consumption.  


Protection of Appliances: Because there are no longer impurities in your water, minerals will no longer build up.This can prolong the lifespan of appliances such as your kettle, coffee maker and dishwasher. 


Peace of Mind: Protecting your family is a top priority, and with an RO system installed, you can rest assured your loved ones are drinking clean and safe water, regardless of the quality of your tap water source.

What is Reverse Osmosis?

Reverse Osmosis, otherwise known as RO, is a technology that is used to remove a wide range of impurities from water. This is done by pushing the water under pressure through a semipermeable membrane. The membrane allows water molecules to pass through while blocking the passage of dissolved salts, minerals, and other impurities. However, the system is designed to replace any lost minerals.

What contaminants does reverse osmosis remove?

An RO Water Filtration System has the ability to remove a variety of contaminants from water, including but not limited to, bacteria, dirt chlorine, lead, copper and sodium.

How often do I need to replace the filters and membrane?

In order to ensure you enjoy consistent purified water, we advise servicing your filters every year. You can speak to one of our experienced professionals about the next steps once installation is complete.

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