Residential Projects

We pride ourselves in exceeding client expectations. We are part of our client’s journey in turning their water need into a water dream. Our skilled team of professionals will work with you to custom create a water system for your home.

Commercial Projects

We proudly have years of experience in the African region and hundreds of projects completed with commercial partners. We work closely with our corporate or commercial partners to design a water system to uniquely cater to any water need. We ensure that each process is successful throughout the duration of the project.

Project Consulting, Planning and Installation

Watercrew has a skilled team of professionals with over 20 years experience in water provision in the African region. Whatever your need, we have the solution. We offer consulting services to work with you to ensure a successful water provision plan.

A Water Plan

Not sure where to begin or what to do? Whatever your water need, we have the plan! Contact us to find out more about our custom water solutions like our buddy systems (Buddy WATER BACK UP SYSTEM). We love to advise customers on what route to take.