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About Watercrew

Our highly skilled watercrew team is there to cater to your every need, offering from borehole pump system design and installation to water filtration, pumps, products and accessories.

Watercrew is a borehole company that has over 20 years of experience in water supply projects throughout Gauteng. Whether the water supply comes from a municipal supply or a borehole, our experienced team will design a solution for your requirements.

Invest in a Borehole

Watercrew offers your complete water solution from borehole drilling to borehole pump installation. 

Borehole Survey


Once you’ve decided to invest in a borehole, our experts will do a site visit and complete a survey using the geophysical method. With this method, we allocate the best spot to drill the borehole into the water table, allowing us to minimise risk and enhance resource utilisation. By pinpointing the best spot for borehole drilling, we streamline the process, mitigating potential obstacles and optimising water extraction.

Borehole Drilling


As one of the leading borehole installers in Gauteng, you can rest assured that our borehole drilling method is precise. Once the drilling location is established, the next step is to start drilling. We primarily utilise air percussion, drilling vertically into the hard rock formations, and creating a shaft to extract the groundwater.

Borehole Water Yield And Quality Test

Water Yield And
Quality Test

The Yield Test is a critical part of the borehole installation process and will determine how much water your borehole delivers for pump size selection. During these tests, we pump water out of the borehole at a steady rate for a certain time. By watching how the water level changes and how fast the water flows, we can determine how much water the borehole can give over time. This process is followed by a water quality test at an accredited lab, allowing us to determine your filtration needs.

Pump and Tank Installation

Pump and Tank

Our borehole services include borehole pump installation, which is submerged to extract water from your well. The pump is carefully selected based on factors such as borehole depth, yield, and desired water pressure. The water is then connected to the main water supply of the building, allowing you to enjoy the benefits of your new borehole.

Borehole Water Filtration


To complete the borehole installation process, it’s important to install a filtration system once we’ve received the laboratory results. This allows you to protect your appliances and ensure you have healthy, clean water for your residential or commercial property.

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